Our Story

DanceSations was founded in 2004 and is under the direction of Holly Pacheco. With her passion for dance and love for children, she wanted to create a program in Bermuda in which she could share her enthusiasm and knowledge of dance. As a result, she started a summer dance program called DanceSations. She started teaching by herself with only two classes. After hard-work and determination, DanceSations transformed into a full-time dance school in June 2013.

In our new spacious facility, the school offers over thirty dance classes of all levels consisting of pre-ballet, ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip-hop, boys hiphop/breakdancing, and adult classes. In June 2013, the school formed a Junior Company, which is comprised of our advanced students that have strong technique and performance skills.  

Our talented instructors ensure our students have a professional experience while keeping it fun in a positive environment. Students learn self-discipline, concentration, self-confidence, the value of teamwork and an appreciation of the arts. We are just as excited as the children to have a dance school that allows them to creatively explore the fine arts. It is important to us that students receive a strong technical foundation and enjoy coming to class. We will make every effort to ensure our dancers continue to be the best they can be, while feeding their passion for dance.